250 g prawns 
1 tablespoon of tomato concentrate
75 g of butter
1 tablespoon of flour 00
1-2 tablespoons of curry
2 eggs
Olive oil
Black pepper


Wash the prawns, put them in a pan, add salt and hot water and cook for 10 minutes (at the end, a small layer of water should remain). Remove them from the pan and peel them. Add the tomato concentrate to the liquid of the prawns and stir carefully. Boil the eggs. In a pan, melt the butter, add the flour, and cook for about 3-4 minutes. Add little by little the cooking liquid of prawns to the mix of flour and butter, then stir. Add salt, pepper and curry and cook for 2-3 minutes. Put out the fire, add the prawns to the sauce and stir carefully. Serve the prawns with rice, minced parsley, and sliced eggs. 

The style of Iranian cooking is unique even if it has been historically affected by the traditions coming from the neighbouring Countries, such as Turkey and Iraq, but even Countries which are geographically more distant, such as Greece, Central Asia and Russia (for subordinate aspects), influenced it. Some elements of Iranian cooking have been adopted by the cooking of Northern India. The main dishes of Iranian cooking are combinations of rice with lamb, chicken, or fish, together with vegetables and some varieties of fresh herbs. In order to reach the balanced taste characteristic of Iranian cooking, saffron, cinnamon and parsley are wisely mixed and added to some dishes. The employment of rice in Iranian cooking grew quickly in the XVI century. Traditionally, rice was present in Norther Iran cooking and in the houses of wealthy, while in the rest of the Country bread was the main element. Nowadays, the most appreciated varieties of rice thanks to their flavour are the ones cultivated in Northern Iran. The proposed recipe is Meigoo Polow, a dish cooked in Southern Iran.