January 2019



Italian Risotto wins foreign tastes

Riso Scotti distributes its products in more than 80 countries all around the world, a half of which are extra-European, counting on strong partnerships with valuable local operators. It’s strongly committed in Eastern Europe. In 2005, Rumania witnessed the starting of the ‘Danube Project’, an innovative agro-industrial project that started the internationalization process of the brand, as well as the transfer of Italian culture of rice processing: Riso Scotti, in fact, could export its ‘system’ abroad, strengthening its position on the European market and acting as a model to be imitated. The internationalization process of Scotti brand, however, doesn’t limit itself to the Danube Project. “The joint venture with the Spanish multinational food company Ebro Foods – the President, Mr Dario Scotti, specifies – projects us on all the main international markets, with our vocation of rice and risotto specialists. We’d like to operate through synergetic commercial units, both in the USA and in India, and we look carefully to the Chinese market, with which we started profitable exchanges in the last year.”

The Italian rice specialists: this awareness drove us to develop a line of products for the International markets, able to enhance the core and basic element – that is, rice – and decline it in a complete line for foreign people who love the Italian taste and want to replicate its recipes. That’s why several different solutions are born for the Italian RISOTTO, dedicated both to excellent chefs and to those who want to taste a traditional Italian recipe in a short time and easily. Our strategy is based on the production of quality products, that then are taken into the world. “The secret to win foreign tastes is reaching them with made in Italy dishes – Mrs Clara Zanacco, Riso Scotti Export Manager, specifies. – In the last year the sales of our ready risotto in the USA have increased tenfold; while the products born from diversification, that use rice as an ingredient, gained the attention of all main markets, the Chinese one included: thanks to the food quality and safety that our brand ensures.” Riso Scotti attends all main food international exhibitions. This is a list of the main ones it attended in 2019: Anuga, Colonia 5th-9th October, New York Summer Fancy Food 30th June–2nd July, National Day-Italian Passion in Barcelona 2nd June, Amsterdam PLMA 21st-22nd May, Dubai Gulfood 17th-21st February, Norimberga Biofach 13th-16th February, San Francisco Winter Fancy Food 13th-15th January.


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