Risette   Monoporzione

Little “travel” size rice biscuits, they represent a good substitute of bread, a yummy snack for your break. Try them as base for delicious canapés!

Rice biscuits are obtained through the process of rice’s blowing, making use of heat and pressure. The result is a natural product, that preserves unchanged all nutritional properties of the grain.

tabella nutrizionale

Organic semi-milled rice, salt.

Not present

12 months from the packaging date.

A packet of Mini Risette is excellent for your break, because it provides 152 calories, 7.6% of the ones necessary in a day

Remember that a diet with a low salt content reduces the risk of hypertension

Remember, if you are a healthy and dynamic woman you should take on average between 1700 and 2000 calories a day.
If you are a man in the same conditions instead, you should take between 2000 and 2400 calories a day.

Such requirements obviously vary depending on age, life style and your general state of health.

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