Whole Grain   Chiccolat

You can enjoy Whole grain Chiccolat in every moment of the day: for a light breakfast or as a cool drink, for all your family.

If you want a light drink easy to assimilate, Whole grain Chiccolat is the ideal solution. It doesn’t contain proteins from cow’s milk, so it’s suitable even in case of milk intolerance due to the physiological drop of the enzymic activity that can occur as the years go by.

tabella nutrizionale

Water, organic whole grain rice 16%, organic agave inulin 2%, rice oil, salt

No present

14 month

With 100 g of Whole grain Chiccolat you take 6% of the fibres you need in a day and 3% calories.

Nutritionist recommend to take at least 25 g of fibres a day to facilitate the elimination of residues. According to estimates, today we take only 10 g because we eat more refined food and less fruits/vegetables than our parents.

Remember, if you are a healthy and dynamic woman, you should take on average between 1700 and 2000 calories a day.
If you are a man in the same conditions, you should take between 2000 and 2400 calories a day.

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