Cereals with Chia seeds   And buckwheat

You can use cereals with Chia seeds and kamut for tasty first courses or appetizing salads.

He regular consumption of wholegrain cereals, within a balanced diet appropriate for your life style, together with a good level of physical activity, helps you to control the oubreak of several chronic diseases.

tabella nutrizionale

Parboiled brown rice (85%), pre-cooked Kamut Khorosan wheat*, buckwheat (7%), Chia seeds (7%).

It contains gluten. It can contain traces of soya

18 months

With a portion of Cereals with Chia seeds and buckwheat you take 25.6% of the fibres you need in a day.

Nutritionist recommend to take at least 25 g of fibres a day to facilitate the elimination of residues. According to estimates, today we take only 10 g because we eat more refined food and less fruits/vegetables than our parents.

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