Carnaroli Rice Matured   For 18 months

You can use our Carnaroli rice matured for 18 months to prepare an extra-ordinary risotto!

After having rested for 18 months at a cooled temperature, the starchy components of the grain become stable. The rice grain becomes more structured and solid, it releases less proteins, vitamins and starch in the cooking water and absorbs the condiment more easily... to realize a Gourmet risotto!

tabella nutrizionale


Not present

26 months from the packaging date

Remember that the rice’s carbohydrates are easily absorbable because, being organized in granules much littler that the other cereals’ ones, your stomach digests them at once and converts them into energy immediately available for your body.

Nutritionists suggest taking little quantities of carbohydrates in a constant way during the day in order to always have "fuel" for our body.

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